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EAW is one of the founding partners of the Global Wisdom Project (GWP).

Based in the semi-rural village of Kamane (near Makwanpur City in Nepal), GWP is a multi-faceted effort aimed at bringing quality education to Nepal's children and to creating a community through which ideas of reform - both educational and environmental - can be nurtured and sustained.

At Kamane Bilingual Academy, a low-fee independent school serving area families, ongoing teacher education is creating a team of educators with the knowledge and skills to implement child-centered classroom practice in a Nepali context.  

GWP is excited to announce the construction of new classrooms using sustainable eco-friendly construction techniques. A community library was recently built, and we have purchased land for eventual creation of accommodation facilities for guests who choose to visit our work as scholars or as volunteers.  We also hope to offer workshops to teachers/administrators in local government and private schools and to serve as a model for sustainable education reform throughout South Asia.

To learn more, visit our website at:

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